Thursday, 7 October 2010

Super heros from the garden

And then came the superheroes. I've shown a few images from this project before but here are my final boards. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to create an idea that was completely my own and had never been done before and to target for a market which I feel doesn't really get a look in (the younger teenage market). I also enjoyed working with Illustrator for the first time and developing my skills on that. I feel i could have maybe developed my characters a bit more (like giving them different super powers or something) in the initial drawing stage, if the project was longer than 5 weeks. I produced two different collections, which were Super Birds and Super Squirrels.

Super Bird collection. I produced a card, flip diary, gift wrap, gift tag, calendar, notebook and a sticker pack idea.

Super Squirrel collection. I produced an interactive diary with changable characters and speech bubbles, a photoframe idea, a notebook, calendar, card, gift wrap and gift tag.

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