Thursday, 7 October 2010


My final project of second year was on the sensory trend for interiors because I wanted to choose a trend that was bright and fun. I mainly looked at water, florals and origami for my initial drawing. Here is my final piece for the project.

I had two collections of final printed samples because some used such bright colours for the floral motif that I really didn't want to ruin them with the origami swans. I think I prefer the samples without them though, I think they worked a better and I like the colours I used much more in that collection.


Next was the fashion project and I chose the inventive trend. I've already shown some of my final garment shapes from my collection so here's some of my initial drawings. I looked at everyday objects from around the house, mazes, architecture and more and drew with a sketchy look using pens and inks mainly.

Super heros from the garden

And then came the superheroes. I've shown a few images from this project before but here are my final boards. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to create an idea that was completely my own and had never been done before and to target for a market which I feel doesn't really get a look in (the younger teenage market). I also enjoyed working with Illustrator for the first time and developing my skills on that. I feel i could have maybe developed my characters a bit more (like giving them different super powers or something) in the initial drawing stage, if the project was longer than 5 weeks. I produced two different collections, which were Super Birds and Super Squirrels.

Super Bird collection. I produced a card, flip diary, gift wrap, gift tag, calendar, notebook and a sticker pack idea.

Super Squirrel collection. I produced an interactive diary with changable characters and speech bubbles, a photoframe idea, a notebook, calendar, card, gift wrap and gift tag.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


My first project last year was an interiors project for furnishing fabrics. I chose the exotic trend because I enjoy working with bright colours and it was the trend that excited me the most at the time. I really loved this project and was really happy with the final outcome of it. This project was also selected to take part in the Bradford Textiles Competition.

Initial drawing using a wide range of media

Final design painted using gouache paints.

Final sample prints
On dyed silk using illuminated discharge and pigment paste. Sprayed on formusol and water mix for a textured background colour.

Printed on cotton using illuminated discharge and pigment paste.

Printed on cotton using pigment paste and foil glue then ironed on foil.

Collection of final prints. Top sample printed on silk using pigment paste and flocked top layer.


Here are the final interior repeats of my oriental projects. I was developing with different techniques for my patterns and backgrounds. This was the first time I had developed my ideas into interior repeats and I really enjoyed it.

Below, are my final fashion garment designs for the same project. I used a range of hand embroidery, machine embroidery and printing techniques techniques.

Stitch, with both hand and machine embroidery, on top layer of silk organza. The bottom layer is brush-dyed cotton.

Tree motif printed with devore on devore cotton. Orchids stiched using hand and machine embroidery.

Pattern brushed on discharge and illuminated discharge on black cotton. Fish motif made using reverse applique amd silk. Hand and machine stitch around pattern.

Past Projects

I haven't posted on here in a while so I thought I should probably show some more past pieces of work from the last two years of my course.

Using: food colouring, bleach, gouache, gold marker, watercolours, ink, fine liner and pencil.

Here is my initial drawing for my final first year project on the oriental style. For this project, I had to produce a final collection of garment shapes for fashion and a printed length for interiors. I liked the idea of using a collaboration of fish and oriental flower motifs.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fashion for Indigo

In February this year, some of my designs for my fashion project were taken to Indigo in Paris. It was such an amazing opportunity and it was really exciting. Here are a few of my dress designs that were based on the inventive trend. I used inspiration from everyday objects around the house, technology and interesting architecture.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Great North Running it

In September last year, I completed the Great North Run for Children with Leukaemia. It was such an amazing day last year that I've decided to do it again this year for Prostate Cancer and this time my training has started a LOT earlier, thank god, I'm not the athletic type at all! Why have I agreed to do it this year again?! Anyway, here's a picture of me and my fan club/housemates after I'd finished last year!

Super Characters in the Garden

Here are some gift wrap ideas from my last project, which was a live project with Tigerprint. I decided to go a completely different direction with this project than what I'm used to and so I targeted it at the younger teenage market. I tried out using Illustrator for the first time as well so I just basically spent the project messing around with the computer and finding out how to work it!

Super Squirrel collection

Super Bird collection

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Ok well this is my first attempt at a blog so I don't quite know what I'm doing yet! I'll hopefully get some photos of my work up soon to show, just got to get everything finished and photographed so I know this is all very boring but I'll fix it soon